Fremont Math Hub is a math tutoring program designed specifically for the students in the Fremont Unified School District. We follow the same curriculum from the same books in Fremont Unified School District schools. Furthermore, we provide extra math practice from similar books in the form of incrementally more challenging assignments allowing the students to master each skill entirely before learning a new one.

Tutoring is available from grades 4-12. We have separate batches for the regular, accelerated, double accelerated, and AP students as laid out in the pathways defined at Fremont Unified School District. We also provide tutoring for competitive math exams like the SAT, ACT, Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, and others.

Our elementary school math tutoring starts at the 4th-grade level. It aims to lay down the foundation of the following concepts:
● Fractions, decimals, and percents
● Long division
● Basic algebra
● Ratio and proportions
● Geometrical ideas
● Area, perimeter, and volume
● Probability and more

Our middle school math tutoring helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills for exceptional results and prepares students for high school education. It focuses on topics such as:
● Pre-algebra
● Independent and dependent variables
● Creating expressions, equations, and inequalities
● Linear functions, quadratic functions, and exponential functions
● Volume and surface areas of prisms, pyramids, and spheres
● Measures of center and variability
● Scatter plots, trend lines, and more

In our high school math tutoring program, we help students build skills crucial for their academic careers. We provide tutoring in topics such as:
● Advanced algebra
● Geometry,
● Trigonometry
● Logarithms
● Precalculus
● Rational functions
● Limits, derivatives, and calculus
● Statistics and more

We provide computer-adaptive homework proven to enhance students' understanding, retention, and application of knowledge. Students are given daily assignments (excluding Saturdays) that takes around half an hour. The homework tasks are progressively more challenging, allowing the students to build on their knowledge and skills over time. Our homework complements our tutoring, reinforces the concepts taught in class, and provides additional practice opportunities. This practice develops confidence, the desire to learn more, and a love for math among students. We provide weekly feedback reports on their child's performance to keep parents informed and involved. Our tutoring methods fetch only the top scores for our students.