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* First-of-its-kind tutoring offering comprehensive coverage of the common core curriculum and extensive homework support.
* Custom-made tutoring for students in the Fremont Unified School District. We don't impose any self-printed / irrelevant material to make the course suit a vast area.
* Tutoring that covers the books taught at FUSD with many extra practice tests and practice material.
* Full focus laid on conceptual understanding and getting the basics right.
* Separate dedicated batches in preparation for competitive examinations.
* Regular feedback to parents about their child's progress and discussion about their future learning goals.
* Tutoring is available from grades 4-12. Two sessions of online teaching every week by experts in each grade.
* Practice material, practice tests, and homework support available.
* We believe every child can do good in math, and it is up to teachers to communicate with students in a way that makes sense to them.

Why Are We Unique?

Comprehensive Course
Our course is for grades 4-12 and covers everything as per the common core curriculum. It includes complete coverage of syllabi, extensive doubt-clearing sessions, homework support, practice material, and practice tests. We also tutor for competitive math exams.

Custom Made Tutoring
Our tutoring is specifically designed for students in the Fremont Unified School District. Unlike other institutes, we don't impose any alien curriculum upon the students or follow some irrelevant, self-printed material to make the course work for a vast area/state/country. When taught from books followed by their school, students find tutoring very relevant. This way, they start feeling more enthusiastic about their tutoring and will find the math class at school more enjoyable. This three-way reinforcement of concepts - first with us at tutoring, secondly through our computer adaptive homework, and finally at school, works wonders and fetches only the top scores for our students.

Reasonable Charges
We believe that education is for everyone. However, in today's time, personalized tutoring services are becoming increasingly expensive, and thus many parents are not able to afford good guidance for their children. Through Fremont Math Hub, we bring top-class personalized, comprehensive tutoring at affordable rates for all students in the FUSD.

With Us, Math Makes Sense
Students generally consider math harsh, and they tend to fear it. Only a good teacher can make the subject exciting and a favorite among the students. A good teacher always focuses on conceptual understanding, getting the basics clear, and making the homework attractive. This way, math comes alive, and students begin to see its practical applications. Students start developing a love for Mathematics, and as a result, their grades skyrocket.

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